Mid-June Fishing Report

June 16, 2017

Man Lake is living up to the reputation of being a great smallmouth lake.  The spawn is at its tail end and bass are roaming in 2-12 feet looking to recover.  Numerous bass from 17-21” have been caught and released by our resort guests. One guest said he caught 51 smallmouth (in one day) earlier this week.  Leeches seem to be the go-to bait.  Fishing should continue to be good the remainder of the month.  I am looking forward for the top-water action to pick up here shortly.  I don’t remember when I have seen so many smallmouth around the 20” mark being caught.  Our fly fisherman guests last week caught 10 bass in one day that hit the 20” mark.  Truly remarkable.  Other baits that have been working well have been small crankbaits, plastics that resemble crayfish (Carolina rigs/Texas rigs), and jigs either tip with a leech or plastic.

Walleye fishing has been ok.  I really don’t have any one in camp that are targeting them right now. Last week we had a guy catch a few in the mid to upper 20” range on slip bobbers.  I also had a gentleman catch a 29 “ walleye last week.  They seem to be in the 15’-20’ range along the weed edges.

Crappies are transitioning to the edge of the cabbage or weeds in 7 to 10 feet.  Melanie and I caught about 10 the other night that ranged from 9 to 13 inches.  Another guest caught 16 two nights ago along the cabbage.  So, that bite should continue to get better.

Muskie fishing is slow right now.  I have not targeted them, but have seen several cruising around the shallows while bass fishing. One guest reported a mid 30” fish grab his perch while pan fishing. Also, one of our fly fisherman from last week had one on for a short time.

I look forward to the next month, as fishing should continue to be good!