Lure Addict

Have you ever found a bag of tackle that you bought month’s before and forgot you had?  Have you ever walked into a tackle store and told yourself you are going to just look, and then walk out with a hand full of lures? I have! I’ll be the first to admit that if lures were a drug, I’d be an addict! Tackle companies are always coming out with something new and shiny that not only catch the fish’s eye but catch mine too.

The last 10 years I have been pretty good at not giving in to the impulse of my young, single, disposable income, tackle buying by the bag days-self.  Until recently that is. I walked into the new Dick’s sporting goods in Brainerd with the attitude that I have enough tackle and was just there to check out the store and do some browsing while the girls shopped next door.  I started talking to the salesman (who happened to be a fishing guide) and pretty soon I had to grab a basket because my hands were no longer big enough to hold the new “gold” they contained. So much for just browsing. But hey, one of these lures could land me my next trophy. I’m not willing to take the risk of not having it when I’m out covering water this summer.

Some of the lures I bought are new to the market and some have been around for a while. All of them are new to me though and I’m pretty excited to get on the water to test them out this summer. Here’s a run-down of what I bought:

First, Rapala’s new Rip Stop.  Wow, this thing is nice and shiny! It looks just like the sand shiners that swim by the millions in Man Lake.  I’ve had tremendous luck with Shadow Raps on Man Lake for smallmouth, northern, and a few walleye, so it should be interesting to see what this lure brings in. The Rip stop has a smaller, thinner profile with a different stopping action.  I can’t wait to start jerking the rock piles and tops of cabbage with this lure.

Second, Acme’s new ice fishing lure the Hyper glide.  It is similar to a jigging rap but is lighter and the sides flap out when jigging it up and down.  I have had good success on open water vertical jigging Raps on sunken humps and structure.  I have seen numerous walleyes over 26” caught using this method.  This lure looks real promising- we’ll see what happens!

Third, the Whopper Plopper. A lot of people who come to the resort use these lures and have great success.  For some reason, I have never owned one until now. I guess I’ve heard enough stories that I finally got around to getting one. Lots of 18”-22” Smallmouth have been tricked by this bait and even a few Muskies.

Fourth, Z-Man Finesse TRD.  This is the bait the salesman suckered me into. This bait looks like a half of a wacky worm.  It is very stretchy/flexible and is very buoyant. Paired with a standup jig head, it stands up off the bottom.  If you google it, there is a cool little video comparing it to other brands.  Should be great on smallmouth this summer!!!

Last, but certainly not the last is the Rapala Balsa Xtreme Brat.  This bait looks like a lot of other short stubby baits.  I bought it because it is new and I need to have it! (That’s a good reason, right?) It is a square billed, flashy little bait that has a wild track/kick out action.  It has very realistic colors and is appealing to the eye.  Like I have stated before, I like to chuck baits and cover water.  This bait may be a good one to do this with.

Catch up with me later this summer and I’ll let you know how each of these baits has performed. Have a lure you like? Let me know about it! Next time I’m in the sporting goods store “just browsing” I’ll check it out!