Early June Fishing Report

It’s been a busy couple weeks at the resort as we get into our peak season. I’ve been doing a lot of fishing, just haven’t written a fishing report lately. I figured I better get a report out soon for those coming up in the next couple weeks.  I’m excited to report that fishing has been good for all species! Below is a run-down of the most common catches over the last couple weeks:

Walleye: There are a handful walleye being caught by our guests. Last week we had 7 walleyes from 29”-32” caught, with a half dozen in the low to mid 20’s.  Most were caught on a minnow or leech run on a jig or spinner.  Most were caught in the that 10-15’ water depth range.

Bass:  Everyone is catching bass.  Numerous bass 18-22 inches where caught last week.  They are at the tail end of the spawn and seem to be transitioning.  Most are still shallow and cruising the edges and rocky areas. The top water bite is just beginning to develop.  Jerkbaits and plastics have also been effective.

Northern pike: More and more northern seem to be showing up. Last week numerous smaller northern were caught. One group had 4 in the low 30” mark.  Most of these fish have been caught fishing bass and walleyes.

Panfish:  Crappies are also at the tail end of the spawn.  There are a few hanging around the edges of the bull rushes in 4 to 6 feet of water.  I did catch one in 14’ of water fishing walleyes, so they may start pushing deeper as the water warms up.  The largest caught last week was almost 15”. Sunfish are starting to make beds and can be located in the shallows.