Lure Addict


Have you ever found a bag of tackle that you bought month’s before and forgot you had?  Have you ever walked into a tackle store and told yourself you are going to just look, and then walk out with a hand full of lures? I have! I’ll be the first to admit that if lures […]

The Top 5 Must Have Bass Baits & Lures


The official start to Spring is just a few days away which means it’s time to start thinking about open water fishing. Man Lake is known for it’s phenomenal Bass fishing (check out the latest lake survey ) and with the opener just around the corner I wanted to take a minute to take about […]

July 1 fishing report


Here we are, already the 1st of July.  The last couple weeks have seen cold fronts, wind, and rain.  The water temps have fallen 5 degrees.  With all this, fishing has been up and down. Bass- Bass fishing has been hot and cold for the last two weeks. Guests report catching good numbers one day […]

Mid-June Fishing Report


June 16, 2017 Man Lake is living up to the reputation of being a great smallmouth lake.  The spawn is at its tail end and bass are roaming in 2-12 feet looking to recover.  Numerous bass from 17-21” have been caught and released by our resort guests. One guest said he caught 51 smallmouth (in […]

Fishing Recap


Well, it’s been two weeks already since the opener.  As usual it was cold, windy, and miserable.  Despite the weather, our guests did manage to catch a few walleyes, northerns, and a few 20 inch bass.  The biggest walleye that weekend was 6lb 12 oz.  Because of the cold weather the water temps fell to […]

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